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Status of extension by Judging

One part of the rules states the extension must be "published" by end of Judging to be eligible for prizes, another says it just needs to "pass through review". Which is correct? In Twitch Dashboard terms does it need to be Accepted or Released?


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    I'd like to add to Phillip's post because I'm seeing a lot of complaints in the Twitch Discord about extensions stuck in review for weeks. The dates say that public judging begins on Mar 4th. What happens if an extension has not passed review by that date? Will it be disqualified?

    The home page states only that extensions have to be submitted for review by the contest deadline:

    "Submit your Extension on the Twitch Developer Portal for review"

    Many of us signed up for the contest based on that criteria, and were unaware of the extra restrictions Phillip points out. Can we get some clarity on this critical subject?

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    I know there is a Twitch Extension dashboard rolling out around the same time as this contest is ending/judging, so any clarification on what specific extension statuses are expected at which point would be much appreciated. Forum posts indicate we should email in a certain window and discourage changes during the last minutes of this competition which is not ideal. Any Twitch guidance would be much appreciated.

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    @PhilipBrand - You're completely right. Making changes during the last minutes of a competition is the norm, not the exception. :)

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    Hi All!

    Good questions and pre-planning. The migration timeline will not affect the submissions for the challenge. We are only asking that the extensions be submitted for review, as you mentioned, and submitted to Devpost by the deadline. We're providing the Twitch team with a list of the extensions submitted to Devpost so they can be on the lookout when reviewing after that.

    Submitting for review and to Devpost earlier than 4:59pm EST on the 26th is always appreciated and it also helps prevent you from running out of time. You can keep editing your Devpost submission form until 5pm EST. Don't be like those last minute people! :)


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    @StefanieMaccarone "Don't be like those last minute people!"

    I'll bet you 100 pounds of Twitch Loot that we "last minute folk" are the overwhelming majority!

    But much thanks for your clarification on our questions. :)

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    @Stefanie What about by end of judging period? Does it need to be accepted through review or fully published?

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    Buumping up Phillip's post.

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    Confusing/conflicting parts of Rules:

    2. Dates and Timing: ... In order to win a prize, your Extension will need to successfully pass through the review process. ... Failure to pass the review results in forfeiting the prize.
    (does "pass through review process" mean it was Approved, or Released?)

    4. Submission Requirements ... Extension must be published by the end of the Judging Period to be eligible for prizes. ...
    ("published" meaning Released?)

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