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can't understand this points

Access to your Extension provided to the /Twitchdev account (userID 141981764) in your Access settings
Extension submitted to through the Twitch portal
* Extension ID
Your ID can be found by going to your Extensions dashboard, clicking on the Extension, and selecting the alphanumeric value after https://dev.tv/projects/xxxxxxxxx (~30 characters)

Probably I wasn't understanding that from the very beginning, and the concept of using my ext is different, so I don't know, how to set it up.

How i can set up my herokuapp on twitch portal?


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    Log into your twitch developer dashboard(where you setup your manifest), find your extension and select the current version you are working with. You can address those two points there. The alphanumeric value is part of the url, and the user account involves whitelisting the testing account they mentioned.

    Actually I do have my own question about the testing account though, if someone is willing to answer, is it necessary to provide it if the extension is already released/approved?

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    I found that earlier, yeah, but the problem, is that my extension is kinda full stack app, and I don't know how to place it in a twitch portal, I deployed it on Heroku earlier. So I don't know if I can be a participant for challenge.

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    I didn't know even that this twitch portal exist, developer rig, etc. Just build with tmi.js .

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    Hey Arkadii,

    I'm a little confused by this, but jump over the Slack room for some tech help from other participants. Given the short notice and the deadline coming up tomorrow, that's the best way to get help now.


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    Hi Arkadii, is your project a standalone website application? It sounds like that may be the case from the discussion above, or is the Heroku application used for the Extension Backend Service (https://dev.twitch.tv/docs/extensions/building/#creating-your-extension-backend-service-ebs) to power a Twitch Extension that displays in a video player or panel on a channel page of Twitch.tv?

    When you create and setup a Twitch Extension on the dashboard (https://dev.twitch.tv/dashboard), or portal as it's called above, you do not need to define where your backend service is located. You just need to follow the information about an Extension Backend Service above to authenticate requests from the front-end of the Extension to your server. You DO need to upload the front-end files though, as Twitch will host these for you (i.e. panel.html, overlay.html, config.html, and any JS/CSS files that those HTML files use.)

    Hopefully that describes things in a bit more detail. Definitely join the Slack workspace as Stefanie mentioned above; there are plenty of developers helping each other with development!

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